The Forest Camp

The Forest Camp Mountain Resort

One doesn’t only come to Forest Camp to unwind but also to dine. We have a restaurant that serves delicious Filipino dishes that can be served anywhere in the resort. To fully appreciate Forest Camp, it is best to spend the night in its cozy modern native cottages. The resort has rooms for families, big groups, and couples. It also has camping areas where guests can pitch tents and has hammock houses for backpackers to sleep swinging

Welcome to Paradise!

The Forest Camp Mountain Resort is 2.5 Hectares of lush green riverside paradise at its best, a valley under a canopy of tropical, indigenous forest trees, we have a river passing through our landscape with cascading sound blending perfectly with the welcoming songs of birds and applause of leaves. The Forest Camp Mountain Resort has 9 cold spring swimming pools designed to appear like natural lagoons formed by the river. Our Forest Camp Restaurant & Bar lets guests enjoy delicious native Filipino dishes as well as a wide variety of food items and beverages.

The Forest Camp Mountain Resort

Things to Do at The Forest Camp

Natures Hospitality

Stay at one of our cozy accommodations, we have rooms for all group sizes

Forest Camp Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy the unique Filipino specialty dishes and healthy cuisine at Forest Camp

Zip Line

We have a 90 meter zip line that crosses the river and over the swimming pools, parallel to a hanging bridge. It is the safest and shortest zip line in the world!

Wall Climbing

We have a 30 foot climbing wall to those who want an extra challenge

Skate Bowl

Try our 25 by 25 meter skate bowl for modern exercise enthusiasts

Horseback Riding

Take a horseback riding tour at Forest Camp

Our stay was amazing. We will be returning again.
John K.
Great place and great food! Highly recommended.
Pete B

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